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Road to Kubernetes

Free Manning Ebook

Take a journey through your web app deployment options to answer the ultimate question: Should we use Kubernetes?

What's Inside

Start by building sample applications in Python and Node.js and then explore methods for deploying them with virtual machines, containers, and, finally, Kubernetes! Each chapter builds on what has gone before as you learn to utilize tools like GitHub Actions and CI/CD practices to make portable apps that can quickly move between deployment setups. As you journey through the different deployment methods, you’ll discover best practices that you can apply with any language or stack.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage git repositories on self-hosted or cloud platforms
  • Deploy Python and Node.js apps via cloud-based VM with git
  • Automate VM configuration and deployment with Ansible
  • Containerize and deploy apps with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Run containers directly on VMs without orchestration
  • Push and host containers with DockerHub registry
  • Deploy containerized apps on Kubernetes
  • Implement public and private apps on Kubernetes
  • Configure load balancers for HTTP & HTTPs traffic
  • Use CI/CD techniques with GitHub Actions and the open-source alternative Act by Nectos