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July 2022

Sign up using alternative payment methods

We’ve added PayPal and Google Pay to the Akamai Linode Cloud signup process, the latest in a series of efforts to make it easier for you to pay for and manage your cloud resources. Adding alternative payment methods removes friction from the signup process and continues our ongoing work to make the cloud simple, affordable, and accessible to all. Learn more here. We’ve also released an updated version of our Understanding Kubernetes guide. More details appear below.
Featured Guides
Ansible Collections are the latest standard for managing Ansible content, allowing users to install roles, modules, and plugins with less overhead than ever before. The Linode Ansible collection provides the basic plugins needed to get started using Linode services with Ansible right away. This guide walks you through deploying a Linode with Ansible.
In Python, queues are frequently used to process items using a first in first out (FIFO) strategy. However, there are times when items in a list have priority over one another. In this guide, you’ll learn about the priority queue, which retrieves and removes items based on their priority as well as their arrival time.
This comprehensive resource covers everything from the fundamental concepts of Kubernetes to the components of a Kubernetes cluster and network model implementation. New in the 2022 edition are sections on understanding the Standard Kubernetes Dashboard, the high-availability control plane, and autoscaling.
Our partners at KodeKloud released a free, comprehensive Kubernetes certification using the Linode Kubernetes Engine. Learn how to deploy and maintain Kubernetes clusters and explore common tools to ensure your clusters are ready for production workloads. Create your free KodeKloud account to start the certification.
You can now deploy Kali Linux as a Linux distribution to any compute instance or via the Marketplace app. Using Marketplace includes the Kali Linux interface and a suite of tools to perform security research and penetration testing using one of the top security testing platforms in the industry. Learn more on our blog.
Open Source
The past few years have shown us staying knowledgeable is critical. However, with so many data sources, there’s too much to consume. Reading headlines is not enough. TL;DR finds what’s relevant in an article and surfaces it up.
This article explains how to get started and add artfulness and creativity to your video tutorial projects.
New on YouTube
Check out our latest YouTube videos and make sure you’re subscribed to our channel for more tutorials and other content from developer advocates and guest experts.
Top Docs: Using Custom Images on Linode
DIY Cloud: Easy Rust Game Server Setup
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