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BlogLagerungBlock Storage Jetzt in Singapur und London verfügbar

Blockspeicher jetzt in Singapur und London verfügbar


Block Storage ist jetzt in ap-south (Singapur) und eu-west (London) erhältlich!

Hier ist unsere aktuelle Matrix der Verfügbarkeit zusammen mit ETAs:

Rechenzentrum Verfügbarkeit
us-ost (Newark) Jetzt verfügbar
us-zentral (Dallas) Jetzt verfügbar
us-west (Fremont) Jetzt verfügbar
eu-central (Frankfurt) Jetzt verfügbar
ap-south (Singapur) Jetzt verfügbar
ap-Nordost (Tokio2) Q3 2018
eu-west (London) Jetzt verfügbar

ap-northeast (Tokio2) wird Anfang des 3. Quartals verfügbar sein, und in einem ähnlichen Zeitrahmen werden wir auch die Kapazität von us-west (Fremont) erhöhen.

Um noch heute mit Blockspeicher zu beginnen, werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Blockspeicher-Produktseite sowie die Anleitung für den Einstieg.

Kommentare (18)

  1. Author Photo

    Yes yes yes! Thanks heaps Linode, you guys are legends!!

  2. Author Photo

    The waiting is over. Thanks Linode.

  3. Author Photo

    Finally Singapore ready.

    I’m already happy with Newark block storage.
    the 1 GB plan will make a nice little mail server + git hosting.

    btw any idea why Linode keep changing their naming scheme for example “Nanode 1GB” ?

  4. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode, finally in Singapore!

  5. Author Photo

    I notice that Atlanta is not on the list. Is Atlanta block storage not expected to happen at all or is it just the one last in line?

  6. Author Photo

    When you launch Block Storage in India.

  7. Author Photo

    Hey Linode,
    When this will be available in India?
    Waiting for it…

  8. Author Photo

    Is there a reason Atlanta is being left out? Is your Atlanta facility not up to par with the others?

  9. Author Photo

    We don’t currently have a data center in India, but we are always looking for ways to improve our offerings. This blog is the best place to find info on any new plans and offerings.

  10. Author Photo

    We’re focused on other data centers, so for now, we have no plans to bring Block Storage to Atlanta.

  11. Author Photo

    I notice that Tokyo1 is not on the list.The Tokyo1 is special.

  12. Author Photo

    Right now, Canonical Announces the New Minimal Ubuntu OS (Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04) for Public Clouds.

    When Linode will release those cloud images.

  13. Author Photo

    Hi Gopal,

    While we don’t currently offer Minimal Ubuntu on our platform, it is something we are looking into. In the meantime, you can manually deploy it by converting their image to raw format and then using the dd tool in Finnix to copy the image onto your disk. This is similar to the steps listed in our “Custom Distribution” guide which can be found here: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/install-a-custom-distribution-on-a-linode/

  14. Author Photo

    Although Vietnam is not on the list, Singapore is fine. Thanks Linode

  15. Author Photo

    Some of us *are* paying for larger plans than we actually need, in Atlanta, due to the need for the disk space. I feel we are now paying higher price and not getting the same service as in other data centers.

    I realize there might be technical reasons why a data center lags behind. It might be older, more expensive to upgrade, etc.

    I share my Linode with a few friends, and *have* gotten the complaint that the service is too expensive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a very happy Linode customer. But I feel that maybe you could do something to the plan prices in Atlanta when you’re not able to provide the extra services you can in other data centers?

  16. Author Photo

    Still waiting to be present in Vietnam

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