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BlogComputeDocs Roundup: Linux Basics, LAMP Stack, Python, SQL Triggers, and More

Docs Roundup: Linux Basics, LAMP Stack, Python, SQL Triggers, and More

Docs Roundup.

Whether you’re a new Linux user or are searching for new tools or services to scale up your existing app, our robust library of documentation, tutorials, how-tos, and guides can help. Browse by product, topic, deployment method, and more. To help get you started, here are a few of our new resources from the team.

How to Use the Linux IP Command

Learn about the Linux IP command system tool to support network administration. This guide explains how to configure a server using the IP command and demonstrates how to accomplish common networking tasks to gauge the state of the network.

A Software Engineer’s Guide to System Design

System Design helps engineers prepare applications that are efficient, reliable, secure, and scalable. This guide covers the methodology of System Design and theories like CAP that can help guide application development.

The Pros and Cons of Python Programming

Python is one of the most popular programming languages due to its powerful features, flexibility, and ease of use. This guide explains the pros and cons of Python, illustrates the differences between other languages, and discusses situations where Python is a better alternative.

How to Remove Untracked Files in Git

In the development process, Git users often wind up with old or unneeded artifacts, like prototypes, test data, and computer-generated files that shouldn’t be checked into version control. This guide explains how to use Git to remove these untracked files using git clean to increase efficiency and improve organization.

How to Use the Nginx FastCGI Page Cache With WordPress

NGINX typically fetches a new copy of a web page each time there is a new request.. For more complex sites like WordPress, requests can also include database queries and PHP code execution output. This guide explains how to enable NGINX FashCGI page cache, configure non-cacheable exceptions, and test whether caching is working.

Learn How to Create a Swap File in Ubuntu

Systems running large, memory-intensive applications with limited RAM can run into latency issues or crash with memory errors. Swap files can help combat these side effects. This guide explains the concept of swap space on your hard drive and demonstrates how to increase swap space on Ubuntu.

SQL Triggers in SQL Server: An Overview

SQL triggers are a special type of stored procedure that are executed when a data change takes place on a table. Triggers are associated with a specific table and with a SQL data modification operation such as INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE. This guide shows how to work with triggers in SQL Server.

Secure Your Server through the Linode Marketplace

This Marketplace App automatically configures a new compute instance with a limited user account with Sudo access. The app also updates the system, optionally configures a domain in the DNS Manager, configures a block storage Volume, and configures a basic firewall through UFW and enables Fail2Ban.

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