Cloud Storage

Using Linode for cloud storage.

How to Use ZFS on Ubuntu 16.04

How to use ZFS to store data redundantly and avoid silent data corruption.

How to Keep Your Data Private in the Cloud with Tahoe-LAFS

Tahoe-LAFS keeps your data encrypted, validates at read time that it hasn't been tampered with and keeps redundant copies on multiple servers.

How to Install a Turtl Server on Ubuntu

This guide will show you how to install Turtl, a Privacy-Conscious Cloud Storage Service, on an Ubuntu distro.

Install and Configure ownCloud on Ubuntu 16.04

This guide shows how to securely setup ownCloud, a file-hosting service that facilitates file sharing across multiple devices, on Ubuntu 16.04.

Install Seafile with nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Seafile is an open-source cross-platform file hosting tool with server applications for Linux and Windows. We will show you how to install it on Ubuntu 16.04.

Access Your Account from Your Linode

Box is a popular cloud storage and file sharing service. This article will show you how to access your Box account from your Linode using WebDAV.

Access Google Drive from Linode with Ubuntu 14.04

Access Google Drive from your Linode with Ubuntu 14.04

Installing and Configuring ownCloud on Debian 7.4

Installing and Configuring ownCloud on Debian 7.4

Installing and Configuring Dropbox

Installing and configuration Dropbox on a Linode