Configuration Management

Install Salt

How to Install a Salt Master and Salt Minions.

Use Puppet Modules to Create a LAMP Stack

Learn how to efficiently use Puppet modules to manage files and services, create templates, and store data in Hiera in this simple tutorial.

Using Vagrant to Manage Linode Environments

Use Vagrant to manage development environments and content on Linode.

A Beginner's Guide to Chef

A look into Chef's primary components, features, and configurations for the new Chef user

Learn How to Install Ansible and Run Playbooks

An introduction to configuration management with the Ansible IT automation platform including installation, configuration and playbook set up.

Use Salt States to Create LAMP Stack and Fail2ban Across Salt minions

Use Salt States to Create a LAMP Stack and Fail2ban Across All Listed Salt Minions on Debian 8.

Creating Your First Chef Cookbook

Learn how to create Chef cookbooks by creating a LAMP stack in Chef

Install and Configure Puppet

Basic instructions to set up and configure a Puppet master and agents using Ubuntu or CentOS servers.

Install a Chef Server Workstation on Ubuntu 14.04

Instructions on how to configure a Chef server and virtual workstation and how to bootstrap a node on Ubuntu 14.04

Salt States for Configuration of Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP)

Use Salt States to Create a LAMP Stack on Debian 8.