Scientific Computing and Big Data

Why You Should Learn Julia

Julia is a dynamically typed, functional programming language intended to match the readable syntax and ease of use of Python without sacrificing the performance of a traditional compiled language. This guide introduces the main features, benefits, and limitations of Julia and includes a brief section on installation and basic use.

How to Deploy Interactive R Apps with Shiny Server

Shiny is an R library that enables the creation of interactive data visualizations. This guide will show how to deploy an R Shiny app using Shiny Server.

Introduction to PySpark

Learn how to install and use PySpark on your Linode for distributed computing. In this guide, we will use an example of counting words in a corpus to learn the PySpark API.

How to Deploy RStudio Server Using an NGINX Reverse Proxy

RStudio Server is a the web based version of RStudio for a desktop environment. Gain access to your R development environment from anywhere in the world.

How to install R on Ubuntu and Debian

R is a programming language commonly used for statistical analysis and data visualization. Learn how to install the base R package on your Linode.