Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration tools allow you to automate testing, building, and deploying an application, usually triggered whenever a change to the source code is made.

Use Buildbot for Software Testing on Ubuntu 18.04

This tutorial will explain how to install, configure, and use Buildbot as a continuous integration platform, as well as how to write configuration for custom testing builds.

Immutable Infrastructure

Introduction to Immutable Infrastructure

Introduction to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

This guide gives an overview of continuous integration and continuous development, and discusses how to leverage your Linode to create a CI/CD pipeline.

How to Automate Builds with Jenkins on Ubuntu

This how-to guide lets you create easy automation workflows with Jenkins.

How to Develop and Deploy Your Applications Using Wercker

Wercker allows you to set up automation pipelines for your apps with only a single configuration file. This guide explains the basics of the wercker.yml file and demonstrates several basic workflows.