An Overview of Common Cloud Manager Errors

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Have you ever encountered an error message while navigating the cloud Manager and wanted more information as to what may have triggered the error and what your best next steps may be? In this guide we’ll go over some common error messages in a higher level of detail than are traditionally provided, and discuss your best path forward.

For more information on troubleshooting, see the Troubleshooting Section of our documentation.

Error Retrieving Linodes

There was an error retrieving your Linodes. Please try again later.

The above error means that there is an issue retrieving your Linodes from our backend servers. As a first step, you should check our status page at to ensure that there are no current issues that may be effecting your Linodes or our service. If you see a current issue, you can rest assured that we’re investigating and will work to bring your services back online as quickly as possible.

If the status page shows that everything is all clear, then the next step is to attempt to clear your web browser cache, as this can sometimes cause an issue in loading resources. The method for completing this process varies between browsers, however it usually involves opening your browsers full history and finding an option to clear it.

If all else fails, you should reach out to our 24/7 Support Team for more direct assistance. Additionally, we can also recommend attempting to access your resources through alternative means such as our API or CLI if our Manager is inaccessible for any reason.

Your Account Must Be Activated

Your account must be activated before you can use this endpoint

Generally the above message will occur when you’ve recently signed up for new services and your account has not yet fully activated. The best next step is to check your e-mail address for further instructions.

Account Limit Reached

Account Limit Reached. Please open a support ticket.

If you see the following message, then you’ll be unable to create a resource due to a limit currently set on your account. Our Support Team will be able to help to either increase this limit, or provide insight into why the limit may be in place.

The reasons behind these limits can vary, though in most cases are related to default resource limits set on your account.

Your DNS Zones are Not Being Served

Your DNS zones are not being served. Your domains will not be served by Linode’s nameservers unless you have at least one active Linode on your account. You can create one here.

This message is seen when using Linode’s DNS Manager without any billable resources currently active on your account. While the DNS Manager is a free service, it does require that at least one billable resource is available on your account. See our pricing page for more information on resources you can add to freely access the DNS Manager.

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