Resize a Linode Disk

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This Quick Answer will show you how to resize a disk on your Linode. See our Disks and Configuration Profiles guide for additional information.

  1. Log in to the Linode Cloud Manager.

  2. Click on the Linodes link in the sidebar and then select the Linode to be resized.

    List of Linodes

  3. Power off the Linode. Watch the Linode’s Summary section for confirmation that the Linode has powered off.

    Power off Linode

  4. Navigate to the Storage tab.

    Linode advanced configurations

  5. Find the disk you would like to resize and choose the Resize option from the menu.

    Resize the Linode disk

  6. In the Size field, enter a different size for the disk in megabytes and select Resize.

    Resize the Linode disk and submit

  7. Watch for confirmation that the disk has been resized.

  8. Power on your Linode once the resize is complete.


The Linode Cloud Manager will not allow you to resize your disk to an amount smaller than the space taken up by files on your filesystem. To confirm how much space you’re using, issue the df -h command on your Linode.

Additionally, if a disk is created using custom partitions, resizing is not possible. If using a raw disk, the disk can only be resized to a larger disk.

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