IPs, Networking & Domains

Configuring your Linode to talk to the world.

Using the Linode Shell (Lish)

Learn how to use Lish as a shell for managing or rescuing your Linode.

Using the Graphic Shell (Glish) - BETA

Learn how to use Glish as a shell for managing graphic environments on your Linode.

Linux Static IP Configuration

Computer networks frequently use DHCP to assign IP addresses, routing and DNS information to systems which join the network. Additional IPs can be assigned to virtual network interfaces for a fully static IP address configuration, including multiple static addresses.

Remote Access

Our guide to the remote access area of the Linode Manager.

Native IPv6 Networking

How to configure IPv6 networking natively on your Linode.

Set Up an IPv6 Tunnel on Your Linode

How to set up an IPv6 tunnel on your Linode.

Basic NFS Configuration on Debian 7

Basic NFS Configuration on Debian 7.