Diagnostics and Testing

How to diagnose network-related issues.

Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR

MTR is a network diagnostic tool similar to ping and traceroute. This guide shows how to create and interpret MTR reports on your Linode or home computer.

How to List Open Files with lsof

An introduction to lsof.

Inspecting Network Information with netstat

A practical introduction to the netstat utility on Linux, including examples of the different options available.

Learning to Use netcat to its Full Potential

An introduction to netcat.

Learning to Use the ss Tool to its Full Potential

An introduction to the ss utility.

Monitor Your Network with ntopng

This Linode tutorial guides you through deploying ntopng, a powerful, lightweight network tool that monitors and analyzes web traffic and packet flows.

Network Throughput Testing with iPerf

This tutorial will teach you how to install iPerf, and use its common commands and basic configuration to diagnose your network speed.