Linode Platform

Learn about everything Linode!

Upgrade to Hourly Billing

Convert your prepaid account to Hourly billing

Using the Linode Graphical Shell (Glish)

Use the graphic shell, Glish, to Manage Graphic Environments on Your Linode.

KVM Reference

KVM Reference explains the differences when going from Xen to KVM virtualization.

Network Helper

Information on the Network Helper option.

Linode Images

How to retain Disks with the Linode Images service

Billing and Payments

Our guide to billing and payments.

Package Mirrors

Setting Linode Package Mirrors.

Linode CLI

An introduction to the Linode command line interface.

Automating Server Builds

Our guide to automating server builds with the Linode Manager

Linode Managed

How to configure service monitoring with Linode Managed.

Prepaid Billing and Payments (Legacy)

Our guide to billing and payments

Accounts and Passwords

Our guide to managing accounts and passwords.


Our guide to submitting support tickets and getting technical support.

Use the Linode Backup Service to Protect and Secure Your Data

Use the Linode Backup Service to protect and secure your data.

Automate Deployment with StackScripts

Create Custom Instances and Automate Deployment with StackScripts.

Linode Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Linode's Platform answers common configuration questions about the Linode cloud.

Using the Linode Shell (Lish)

Learn how to use Lish as a shell for managing or rescuing your Linode.