Linode Platform

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Automating Server Builds

Our guide to automating server builds with the Linode Manager.

Create an Account for a Developer to Work on Your Linode

Shows how to create an account with access restrictions for developers and maintainers.

How to Change your Linode's Kernel

Use the Linode Manager to change which kernel your Linode boots.

How to Choose a Data Center

How determine which Linode data centers is right for you.

How to Choose a Linode Plan

Decide which Linode plan is right for you.

How to Resell Linode Services

How to resell Linode services using the Linode API, and how to get started with the Linode referral program.

How to Update your Linode's Existing Kernel

Determine which kernel version your Linode is running and update it to the latest available.

Linode Managed

How to configure service monitoring with Linode Managed.

Network Helper

What is Network Helper and how to use it.

Package Mirrors

Setting Linode Package Mirrors.

Subscribe to Linode Status Updates

Learn how to subscribe to Linode system status and maintenance updates.