Disks, Migrations & File Systems

Your disks and configuration profiles can be copied to or from another Linode, server, or computer in your home or office. This is an effective way to back up your Linode to another server, migrate your Linode to another machine, or copy an existing server to your Linode. These guides explain how to migrate and clone your disks and configuration profiles from one server to another.

Disks and Configuration Profiles

Our guide to disks and configuration profiles

Copying a Disk Over SSH

Our guide to copying a disk over SSH

Resizing a Linode

Our guide to upgrading and resizing your Linode

Switch to a 64-bit Linux Kernel

Learn how to Switch to a 64-bit Linux Kernel with Your Existing Distribution.

Copying a Disk to a Different Account

Our guide to copying a disk to a different Linode account

Clone Your Linode

Clone your Disks to another Linode.