Clone Your Linode

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This guide will show you how to clone your Linode’s existing disks or configuration profiles to another Linode on your account.

Clone Your Linode

To follow the steps in this guide, you will need a Linode with enough free storage space to accommodate your cloned disks.

Clone Your Linode

  1. Log in to the Linode Manager.
  2. Select the Linodes tab to list your active Linodes.
  3. Click on the Linode you wish to clone. This will load its Dashboard.
  4. Recommended: Click Shut down to power down the Linode. This is recommended to prevent data corruption.
  5. Click the Clone tab to select the disks or configuration profiles you wish to clone. If you select a configuration profile, all of the disks attached to it will be included automatically. You can confirm this from the Disks Attached column.

    Selecting configuration profiles and disks to migrate

  6. Once you’ve applied your choices, hit Select. You’ll be provided with an approximate estimate of how long it will take to clone your Linode:

    Clone summary page

  7. From the Destination Linode menu, select the Linode you want to clone to.

  8. Click Clone. The receiving Linode’s Dashboard will appear. Watch the Host Job Queue to monitor your progress.

Once the cloning process completes, your selected disks and configuration profiles will be available on the destination Linode.

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This guide is published under a CC BY-ND 4.0 license.