Migrate to Linode

Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

Best practices when migrating a website or other cloud service to Linode.

How to Migrate a CPanel Server to Linode

Shows how to use the CPanel Transfer Tool to copy CPanel accounts to a new Linode running WHM and CPanel.

How to Migrate a LAMP Website to Linode

How to migrate a LAMP website from another hosting provider to Linode.

How to Migrate a WordPress.com Website to Linode

Shows how to export posts from a WordPress.com website and import them to WordPress on a Linode.

How to Migrate from Google Cloud Platform to Linode

This guide will provide best practices when migrating GCP instances to Linode.

Migrate from Shared Hosting to Linode

Migrate your website from a shared host to a Linode cloud server running a LAMP stack.