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New pricing for some Compute services has gone into effect starting April 1st 2023. This includes an increase in cost for most Shared and Dedicated CPU Compute Instance plans (excluding the $5/mo 1GB Shared plan), a decrease in cost of network transfer (egress) overage fees, and an increase in cost for additional IPv4 addresses. This page covers each pricing change so you know exactly what to expect on your invoice moving forward.

To learn more about these changes, review the Akamai’s Cloud Computing Services: Pricing Update blog post.

Compute Instances

On April 1st 2023, the price for most Shared CPU and Dedicated CPU Compute Instance plans increased by 20%. This excludes the 1 GB Shared CPU (Nanode) plan, which remains at its current $5/mo price. This change also does not affect High Memory and GPU plans. The tables below outline each plan along with the corresponding resources, the original price, and the new price.

Shared CPU Plans and Pricing

RAMCPUsStorageTransferNetwork In/Out
1 GB Shared CPU$5$5 (no change)1 GB125 GB1 TB40/1 Gbps
2 GB Shared CPU$10$122 GB150 GB2 TB40/2 Gbps
4 GB Shared CPU$20$244 GB280 GB4 TB40/4 Gbps
8 GB Shared CPU$40$488 GB4160 GB5 TB40/5 Gbps
16 GB Shared CPU$80$9616 GB6320 GB8 TB40/6 Gbps
32 GB Shared CPU$160$19232 GB8640 GB16 TB40/7 Gbps
64 GB Shared CPU$320$38464 GB161280 GB20 TB40/9 Gbps
96 GB Shared CPU$480$57696 GB201920 GB20 TB40/10 Gbps
128 GB Shared CPU$640$768128 GB242560 GB20 TB40/11 Gbps
192 GB Shared CPU$960$1,152192 GB323840 GB20 TB40/12 Gbps

Dedicated CPU Plans and Pricing

New $/MoRAMCPUsStorageTransferNetwork In/Out
4 GB Dedicated CPU$30$364 GB280 GB4 TB40/4 Gbps
8 GB Dedicated CPU$60$728 GB4160 GB5 TB40/5 Gbps
16 GB Dedicated CPU$120$14416 GB8320 GB6 TB40/6 Gbps
32 GB Dedicated CPU$240$28832 GB16640 GB7 TB40/7 Gbps
64 GB Dedicated CPU$480$57664 GB321280 GB8 TB40/8 Gbps
96 GB Dedicated CPU$720$86496 GB481920 GB9 TB40/9 Gbps
128 GB Dedicated CPU$960$1,152128 GB502500 GB10 TB40/10 Gbps
256 GB Dedicated CPU$1,920$2,304256 GB565000 GB11 TB40/11 Gbps
512 GB Dedicated CPU$3,840$4,608512 GB647200 GB12 TB40/12 Gbps

Network Transfer (Egress) Overages

Each Compute Instance plan includes a certain allowance of outbound network transfer per month (ranging from 1 TB to 20 TB). The monthly network allowance of each instance active during a billing period (prorated) is then combined into a monthly transfer pool. Any additional transfer usage that exceeds this monthly pool is billed as a per GB overage charge. To learn more about how network transfer works (and how it is billed), see Network Transfer Usage and Costs.

Starting on April 1st 2023, the network transfer (egress) overage fees was cut in half, from $0.01/GB (previous fee) to $0.005/GB (new fee). The table below details this change.

Network Transfer TypePrevious PriceNew Price
Inbound network transfer (Ingress)Free (no defined limit)Free (no defined limit)
Outbound network transfer (Egress) Overage$0.01/GB$0.005/GB

Additional IPv4 Addresses

Each Compute Instance includes a free IPv4 address and IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses can be purchased for a fee and added to an instance. Starting on April 1st 2023, the cost for each additional IP address increased from $1/mo to $2/mo.

IP Address QuantityPrevious PriceNew Price
First IPv4 AddressFreeFree
Additional IPv4 Addresses$1/mo$2/mo

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