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Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) is a fully-managed container orchestration engine for deploying and managing containerized applications and workloads. LKE combines Linode’s ease of use and simple pricing with the infrastructure efficiency of Kubernetes. You can now get your infrastructure and workloads up and running in minutes instead of days.

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Access the Kubernetes Dashboard

  1. Click the Kubernetes link in the Cloud Manager sidebar menu. The Kubernetes listing page appears and you see all of your clusters listed.

  2. Select the cluster that you would like to reach the Kubernetes Dashboard for. The Kubernetes cluster’s details page appears.

  3. Select the Kubernetes Dashboard option at the top of the page to open the link to your Kubernetes Dashboard.

  4. Once the link has been opened you will see a login prompt with the option to enter either a Secret valid Bearer Token, or a Kubeconfig file to authenticate.

    In any default Kubeconfig file provided for access to LKE clusters an administrative user token can be found within the file itself, and entered in the Enter token* field to authenticate via a token.

    If you prefer to authenticate using a Kubeconfig file, the file can be entered by selecting the Kubeconfig option, the Choose Kubeconfig file field, and entering the file by using the file explorer menu that appears.

  5. After a token or Kubeconfig file has been entered, select the Sign in button to access the dashboard.

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