Guides - Add Cloud Firewall Rules

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Secure your network with Linode Cloud Firewall. Create Firewall rules that only allow network traffic on selected ports and protocols.

  1. Log into your Linode Cloud Manager and select Firewalls from the navigation menu.

  2. From the Firewalls listing page, click on the Firewall that you would like to add new rules to. This takes you to the Firewall’s Rules page.

  3. Click on the Add an Inbound/Outbound Rule link (click on the appropriate link for the type of Rule you would like to add).

    The Add an Inbound/Outboud Rule drawer appears.

  4. Provide the following Rule configurations:

    Type• Select from a list of predefined Firewall rules or select Custom to define your own Rule.

    •Selecting a predefined rule fills in the remaining Rule configuration values, however, they can all be edited.

    •Selecting Custom, leaves all configuration values empty for you to define. Required
    ProtocolSelect the Transport Layer protocol to use for this Firewall rule. Required
    Port Range• Provide a port number or a range of ports on which to allow network traffic.

    • This configuration is required for TCP and UDP Firewall rules. ICMP does not have a port abstraction, so does not require this configuration.

    • To configure a Port Range provide the starting and ending port numbers. For example, 2000-3000. Required
    Sources / Destinations• When creating an Inbound Rule, select from a list of Sources that limit incoming connections to the chosen internet protocol, netmask, or specific IP address(es).

    • When creating an Outbound Rule, select from a list of Destinations that limit the outgoing connections to the chosen internet protocol, netmask, or specific IP address(es).
  5. Click on Add Rule to add the new rule to this Firewall. If you would like to add any additional rules, repeat the process outlined in this section.

  6. When you are done adding new Firewall rules, click on the Apply Changes button on the Rules page.

    Any newly added rules do not take effect until you Apply Changes to the Firewall.

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