Guides - Assign a Cloud Firewall to a Linode

Secure your network with Linode Cloud Firewall. Create Firewall rules that only allow network traffic on selected ports and protocols.

  1. Log into your Linode Cloud Manager and select Firewalls from the navigation menu.

  2. From the Firewalls listing page, click on the Firewall that you would like to attach to a Linode. This takes you to the Firewall’s Rules page.

  3. Click on the Linodes tab. This takes you to the Firewalls Linodes page. If the Firewall is assigned to any Linode services they are displayed on the page.

  4. Click on the Add Linodes to Firewall link.

  5. From the Add Linode to Firewall drawer, click on the dropdown menu and select the Linode service to which you’d like to apply this Firewall. You can also start typing the Linode service’s label to narrow down your search.

  6. Click on the Add button to assign the Firewall to your Linode(s).

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