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SOA Overview

The SOA (Start of Authority) record stores administrative information for the domain. This includes the responsible party’s email address and various time periods for actions taken by secondary name servers. While some DNS providers do not offer the ability to modify the SOA record, some fields can be modified in Linode’s DNS Manager.


  • Domain (also called NAME): The domain name for the Domain entry and the corresponding zone file. Only change this value if you wish to change the domain name that is managed by Linode’s DNS Manager.

  • SOA Email (also called RNAME): The administrative email address for the domain. This email should belong to a different domain.

  • Domain Transfer IPs: A list of IP addresses that are able to perform AXFR transfers. If you wish to allow other DNS providers the ability to transfer the domain zone, their corresponding IP addresses can be added here. See Transfer Domain Zones

  • Default TTL (Time To Live): The length of time that DNS resolvers should store the DNS record before revalidating it with Linode’s name servers. Setting the TTL to 5 minutes is recommended for many use cases. If Default is selected, the TTL is set to 24 hours.

  • Refresh Rate: The amount of time (in seconds) a secondary DNS server will keep the zone file before it checks for changes.

  • Retry Rate: The amount of time a secondary DNS server will wait before retrying a failed zone file transfer.

  • Expire Rate: The amount of time a secondary DNS server will wait before expiring its current zone file copy if it cannot update itself.

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