NodeBalancers - Developers

NodeBalancers are load balancers-as-a-service in the cloud, managed by Linode. They intelligently route incoming requests to backend Linodes to help your application cope with any load increase.

Linode API

Linode’s API v4 provides the ability to programmatically manage the full range of Linode products and services. Learn how to manage NodeBalancers with the Linode API:

Linode CLI

The Linode CLI is a wrapper around the Linode API v4 that allows you to manage your Linode account and resources from the command line. Learn how to use the Linode CLI to create and manage NodeBalancers.

Linode Cloud Controller Manager

Cloud Controller Manager: Linode’s Cloud Controller Manager (CCM) is written in Go and is included in every Linode Kubernetes Engine cluster’s control plane. It creates a fully supported Kubernetes experience on Linode by providing a way for your cluster to access additional Linode services such as NodeBalancers.

Third Party Tools & Integrations

Terraform: Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-code tool that includes management features for various types of Linode resources. Use Linode’s official Terraform Provider to Create a NodeBalancer with Terraform. To learn more about Terraform see our documentation library’s Terraform section.

Pulumi: Pulumi is a development tool that allows you to write computer programs which deploy cloud resources. With Pulumi’s Linode integration, you can manage your Linode resources in several programming languages, like JavaScript, Go, Python, and TypeScript. Pulumi manages your resources in the same way as Linode’s API or CLI. See Pulumi’s documentation to get started.

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