NodeBalancers - Guides

NodeBalancers are load balancers-as-a-service in the cloud, managed by Linode. They intelligently route incoming requests to backend Linodes to help your application cope with any load increase.

Building Blocks


These additional guides explore targeted topics like creating a Linode NodeBalancer using a variety of tools and SSL Configuration.

NodeBalancer Basics

  • Understanding NodeBalancers: Linode offers load balancers as a service (LBaaS) called NodeBalancers. NodeBalancers are built for high availability and designed to be maintenance free after initial configuration.

  • Get Started with NodeBalancers: Get started with Linode NodeBalancers by using a NodeBalancer to begin managing a simple web application.

  • NodeBalancer Reference: A NodeBalancer reference guide with helpful terms and settings.

Developer Tools

Use these tools to create a Linode NodeBalancer with tools outside of the Cloud Manager.

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