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If you no longer wish to include a particular Compute Instance within a VLAN’s private network, the VLAN can be detached by editing that instance’s Configuration Profile.

  1. Within the Cloud Manager, click the Linodes link in the sidebar and select a Compute Instance.

  2. Navigate to the Configurations tab for that Compute Instance.

  3. Click the Edit button next to the configuration profile you’d like to modify.

  4. An Edit Configuration screen will appear. Scroll down to the Network Interfaces section.

  5. Click the dropdown menu under the network interface for that VLAN and select None. This detaches the VLAN.

  6. Click on the Save Changes button to confirm the changes to the configuration profile.

  7. Reboot the Compute Instance to save your changes and completely detach the VLAN.

    If a VLAN is not attached to a Linode service, it will automatically be deleted.

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