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Linode uses the contact information on file in your account to notify and bill you. Keep this information current to prevent service interruptions. It’s especially important to keep your email address current.

The Billing Info and User & Grants pages have email address fields. The email addresses saved on these pages receive different notifications, as described in the following sections. If you are the only user, you should enter your email address on both pages. If there are multiple users, verify that the primary account holder’s email address is current on the Billing Info page.

Modify Billing Contact Email

See Update Billing Contact Information

Modify User Account Email

Use the Users & Grants page to modify the email address associated with a user account. The email addresses listed on this page receive IP whitelist warnings, password reset messages, and support tickets for services that their associated users have permission to access. Users with limited account access can also receive invoices and receipts if granted access to that information.

Only full account access users can receive threshold notification emails.

Here’s how to change a user’s email from the Users & Grants page:

  1. Click the Account link in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Users & Grants tab.

  3. Click the User Profile link for the desired user.

  4. Enter the updated email address in the Email field.

  5. Click Save.

The user’s email address is now updated.

If you do not have full account access, you can view your user profile settings and update your email address by clicking on your username at the top of the Cloud Manager screen and selecting Display.

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