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As a result of Akamai’s acquisition of Linode, businesses or individuals residing in the following regions may be charged tax for some or all services starting December 15th, 2022:

  • Countries: Cambodia, Chile, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates
  • U.S. States: Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia

Some countries, states, and regions require us by law to collect taxes. As such, customers located in these locations are charged the appropriate tax rate for any taxable services billed to their account. The taxes that Linode collects are listed on customer invoices (see the Viewing Invoices and Payments section of our Cloud Manager Billing guide).

Pricing and service fees posted publicly, such as our Pricing page and listed in the Cloud Manager, do not include taxes.

List of Countries and Tax Rates

The following table lists each country that requires us to collect taxes. Alongside each country is the tax rate, a link to additional tax details, and the date which Linode started to collected taxes in that country.

CountryTax RateTax DetailsStart Date
Australia10%GSTOctober 1st, 2019
Austria20%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Belgium21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Bulgaria20%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Canada (see below)
Croatia25%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Cyprus19%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Czech Republic21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Denmark25%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Estonia20%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Greece24%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Finland24%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
France20%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Germany19%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Hungary27%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
India18%GSTOctober 1st, 2019
Ireland23%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Italy22%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Japan10%JCTApril 1st, 2022
Latvia21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Lithuania21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Luxembourg17%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Malta18%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Netherlands21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Norway25%EU VATMay 1st, 2022
Poland23%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Portugal23%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Romania19%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Singapore7%GSTSeptember 1st, 2020
Slovakia20%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Slovenia22%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Spain21%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
Sweden25%EU VATJuly 1st, 2019
United Kingdom20%VATJuly 1st, 2019
United States (see below)


As of May 1st, 2022, Canadian taxes will begin to be collected. The following table below lists the tax rate for each Province/Territory, as well as additional tax details:

ProvinceTax Rate TotalTax Details
Alberta5%5% GST
British Columbia12%Combination of 5% GST and 7% PST
Manitoba12%Combination of 5% GST and 7% PST
New Brunswick15%15% HST
Newfoundland and Labrador15%15% HST
Northwest Territories5%5% GST
Nova Scotia15%15% HST
Nunavut5%5% GST
Ontario13%13% HST
Prince Edward Island15%15% HST
Quebec14.975%Combination of 5% GST and 9.975% QST
Saskatchewan11%Combination of 5% GST and 6% PST
Yukon5%5% GST

United States

The following table lists each U.S State and District that requires us to collect sales taxes. Alongside each state is the State tax rate, the additional Local tax range, and the date which Linode begins to collect taxes in that State.

State or DistrictState or District Tax RateLocal Tax RangeStart Date
Arizona5.60%0% - 5.6%May 1st, 2022
Hawaii4%0% - 0.5%May 1st, 2022
Pennsylvania6%2.0%May 1st, 2022
South Dakota4.5%0.125% - 2.0%August 1st, 2022
Texas6.25%0.125% - 2.0%May 1st, 2022
Washington6.50%0% - 3.9%May 1st, 2022
Washington D.C6%N/AAugust 1st, 2022
In the United States tax table shown in this section, districts like Washington D.C are addressed in the State column.

Preventing Tax Collection

For most customers, including those using Linode for most business and personal reasons, it’s preferable to have Linode automatically calculate any required taxes and add them to each invoice. That said, some registered businesses or organizations may wish to prevent taxes from being added to their Linode invoices. This includes business that are tax exempt or businesses that are liable to pay taxes directly to their government’s tax agency due to a special tax status or program (like RCM - Reverse Charge Mechanism).

In most cases, tax collection can be prevented by adding a tax ID to your Linode account. Users within the United States and Canada will need to submit both their tax ID and a state tax exemption or reseller’s certificate in a Support Ticket before becoming exempt. Registered Canadian businesses may become exempt from PST sales tax but will always be billed for GST, HST, and QST sales tax.

If you are located in one of the countries that require taxes on our services, you are still liable for those taxes. Adding your tax ID does not exempt you from your liability to pay any taxes that have been mandated by your country for our services. Instead, this allows you to settle your taxes directly with your government’s tax agency.

Adding a Tax ID

To add (or update) your account with a tax ID, follow the instructions below. A tax ID can also be added to an account during the signup process.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager.

  2. Navigate to the Account link in the sidebar.

  3. Expand the Update Contact Information panel under the Billing Info tab.

  4. Enter your tax ID in the Tax ID field.

  5. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the Update Contact Information panel.


How is my tax location determined?

Your tax location is determined by the contact information you provided during sign up or under the Account page in the Linode Cloud Manager.

How can I change my tax location?

You may update your tax location by navigating to the Account page in the Cloud Manager and then expanding the Update Contact Information panel.

My business is tax exempt. How can I stop further taxes from being charged to my Linode account?

If your business or organization is tax exempt, you should add a verifiable tax ID to your Linode account. Once verified, taxes will no longer be added to invoices for customers outside of the United States and Canada. See Preventing Tax Collection. Customers inside the United States and Canada will additionally need to submit any tax exemption certificates or reseller’s certificates by Opening a Support Ticket which contains the required information. Registered businesses in Canada will always be billed for GST and HST sales tax. Registered Canadian businesses may become exempt from PST sales tax by submitting a valid tax ID and PST certificate.

How can I review the taxes charged on previous invoices?

To view previous invoices, see the Viewing Invoices and Payments guide. When viewing the invocie, review the Tax column to see the taxes that were charged on each service.

Why is my invoice in USD? Can I get an invoice in another currency?

To keep our pricing stable and consistent, rather than fluctuating with exchange rates, we do not bill in local currency. All invoices are in USD.

What is Linode’s Tax ID for my country or province?

Country or Province and Tax ProgramLinode’s ID
Australia ATO ARN3000 1606 0612
British Columbia PST1470-0325
Canadian GST724750708RT0001
EU VATEU372008859
India GST9919JEY29001OST
Japan JCT00140
Manitoba RST138835-4
Norway VAT2063948
Quebec Provincial QST (effective May 1, 2022)1229663158 TQ0001
Saskatchewan PST759622
Singapore GSTM90373465T
United Kingdom VATGB383720095
United States EIN20-2647179

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