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  • Getting Started: Enable Managed Services and start configuring monitors.

  • Create and Manage Service Monitors: Service monitors form the basis of Managed Service’s monitoring and incident response. Use them to monitor a resource and notify both your team and the Support team in the event of a failure.

  • Configure SSH Access: Instructions on viewing your unique public key, adding it to your system, and editing the settings that the Support team uses to log in.

  • Manage Credentials: Credentials provide the Support team with log in details to any services they may need to access when troubleshooting an issue.

  • Manage Contacts: Contact groups, which contain one or more contacts, can be attached to a service monitor and are notified if a check fails.

  • Configure Firewall Rules to Allow Access from Linode Infrastructure: Learn which hostnames and IP addresses are used by Managed Services so that you can allow them within your firewall rules.

  • Cancel Managed Services: Learn how to cancel Linode’s Managed Services offering.

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