Guides - Boot from a Backup

The Linode Backup Service is a subscription service add-on that automatically performs daily, weekly, and biweekly backups of your Linode. It’s affordable, easy to use, and provides peace of mind.

After the backup has been restored, the disks and configuration profiles will be available to the destination Linode you selected. Select the restored configuration profile and reboot your Linode to start up from the restored disks:

  1. From the Linodes page, select the Linode that you restored the backup to. Navigate to the Disks/Configs tab.

  2. Select the more options ellipsis next to the configuration profile that was restored and select Boot This Config.

    Navigate to the Configurations section of your Linode’s Disks/Configs tab

The Linode will start from the backup disks. Monitor the notifications area for progress.

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