Guides - Detach a Block Storage Volume from a Linode

Block Storage is a scalable, high-speed, and fault tolerant storage service used to add additional storage to a Linode Compute Instance.

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Follow these steps to safely detach a Block Storage Volume from a Linode. A Volume should be detached before it is reattached to a different Linode.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager and click on the Linodes link in the sidebar.

  2. Select the Linode that the Volume is currently attached to.

  3. It’s recommended to power off the Linode. To do this, click Power Off on the top right of the Linode details page.


    If a volume is currently mounted, detaching it while the Linode is powered on could cause data loss or an unexpected reboot. You can unmount the volume for safe live-detaching using the umount command:

    umount /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-0Linode_Volume_BlockStorage1

    To avoid additional issues with your Linode, remove the detached volume’s line from your /etc/fstab/ configuration:

    FILE_SYSTEM_PATH /mnt/BlockStorage1 ext4 defaults 0 2

  4. Navigate to the Storage tab.

  5. Locate the Volume you wish to detach within the Volumes list, click the more options ellipsis dropdown menu, and select Detach.

  6. A confirmation screen appears and explains that the Volume will be detached from the Linode. Click Detach to confirm.

After detaching it from a Linode, the Volume will still exist on your account. It can be viewed within the Volumes listing page in the Cloud Manager.

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