Guides - Transfer Block Storage Data between Data Centers

Linode’s Block Storage service lets you increase your Linode’s storage capacity by attaching additional high-speed volumes. Volumes are managed independently of Linodes, so your data persists even if you delete your Linode.

Block Storage Volumes cannot be directly migrated to a different data center. These steps will outline how to transfer a Volume’s data to a different data center via the SCP tool.

Consult our Network Transfer Quota guide for information on charges related to outbound traffic when downloading Linode data outside of Linode’s private network.
  1. Attach and mount your Block Storage Volume to a Linode, if you have not already.

  2. Use the Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) to download your Volume’s data to the receiving computer or Linode.

    You will need a device that has enough storage capacity to receive the entirety of your Block Storage Volume’s data.
  3. Once your Block Storage Volume’s data has been copied, create a new Block Storage Volume in the desired data center and attach it to a Linode.

  4. Use SCP to upload the data from the receiving computer or Linode to the new Block Storage Volume. The new Block Storage Volume must be attached and mounted to a Linode.

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