Guides - Transfer a Volume to a New Linode

Linode’s Block Storage service lets you increase your Linode’s storage capacity by attaching additional high-speed volumes. Volumes are managed independently of Linodes, so your data persists even if you delete your Linode.

Follow these steps to safely detach a Volume from a Linode and attach it to a different Linode in the same data center:

Volumes cannot be attached to Linodes that are in a different data center. See the Transfer Block Storage Data between Data Centers how-to for help with migrating data on a Volume to a different data center.
  1. Safely detach the Volume.

  2. Click the more options ellipsis to open the menu for the Volume you want to attach to a Linode and select Attach:

    Open Volume menu

  3. Since the Volume already has a filesystem on it, create a mountpoint for the new Linode, provided it hasn’t already been created:

    mkdir /mnt/BlockStorage1
  4. Mount the new Volume, where FILE_SYSTEM_PATH is your Volume’s file system path:

    mount FILE_SYSTEM_PATH /mnt/BlockStorage1
  5. If you want to mount the new Volume automatically every time your Linode boots, you’ll want to add the following line to your /etc/fstab file:

    FILE_SYSTEM_PATH /mnt/BlockStorage1 ext4 defaults 0 2

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