Guides - Create a Bucket

S3-compatible Linode Object Storage makes it easy and more affordable to manage unstructured data such as content assets, as well as sophisticated and data-intensive storage challenges around artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Cloud Manager provides a web interface for creating buckets. To create a bucket:

  1. If you have not already, log into the Linode Cloud Manager.

  2. Click the Object Storage link in the sidebar, and then click Add a Bucket.

    The Object Storage menu

    If you have not created an access key or a bucket before, you are prompted to enable Object Storage.

  3. The Create a Bucket menu appears.

    The Create a Bucket menu

  4. Add a label for the bucket. See the Bucket Name section for rules on naming the bucket.

  5. Choose a region (cluster) for the bucket to reside in. See the Availability section on the Object Storage Overview page for a list of available regions.

    A cluster is defined as all buckets hosted by a unique URL; for example:,, or
  6. Click Submit. You are now ready to upload objects to the bucket.

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