Tools - CLI

The Linode CLI is a wrapper around the Linode API that allows you to manage your Linode account from the command line. Virtually any task that can be done through the Linode Manager can be done through the CLI, making it an excellent tool for scripting.


The Linode CLI can be used across all regions.


Accelerate Common Tasks

Running common tasks is trivial with the Linode CLI. Create Linodes and NodeBalancers, and attach block or object storage volumes without leaving your terminal.

Customizable Output

The Linode CLI prints easily readable output by default. You can also specify which fields are returned by the CLI and request JSON responses.

Easy Scripting

Everything you can do with the Linode Cloud Manager can be done through the CLI. The Linode CLI has an easy-to-use interface that makes it perfect for scripting.


Linode’s CLI is provided for free to all customers.

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