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Access the entire Linode platform from the command line, easily adding, removing, or modifing services.

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  1. Create a new NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers create --region us-east --label new-balancer
  2. Create a configuration for a NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers config-create $nodebalancer_id
  3. Attach a Node to a NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers node-create --address --label node-1
  4. To delete a node, you will need the ID of the NodeBalancer, configuration, and node:

    linode-cli nodebalancers node-delete $nodebalancer_id $config_id $node_id

Other actions are available. Use linode-cli nodebalancers --help for a complete list.

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