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The Linode CLI is a wrapper around the Linode API that allows you to manage your Linode account from the command line. Virtually any task that can be done through the Linode Manager can be done through the CLI, making it an excellent tool for scripting.

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  1. Create a new NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers create --region us-east --label new-balancer
  2. Create a configuration for a NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers config-create $nodebalancer_id
  3. Attach a Node to a NodeBalancer:

    linode-cli nodebalancers node-create --address --label node-1
  4. To delete a node, you will need the ID of the NodeBalancer, configuration, and node:

    linode-cli nodebalancers node-delete $nodebalancer_id $config_id $node_id

Other actions are available. Use linode-cli nodebalancers --help for a complete list.

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