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Cloud Manager is a user and mobile-friendly interface to deploy and manage virtual machines, configure networking, control user accounts, and access and configure the full range of Linode services.

Building Blocks

These introductory guides to the Linode Cloud Manager help you get up and running with this service.


  • Linodes: The Linodes section of Cloud Manager allows you to create and manage your Linodes.

  • Find Your Disks: You can find and manage your disks in the Disks/Configs tab in the Linode’s detail page.

  • Reboot Your Linode: You can reboot your Linode from two places within Cloud Manager.

  • Delete a Public IP Address: You can delete a public IP address under the Networking tab in the Linode detail page.


  • Volumes: This section gives you access to the Linode Block Storage service.

  • Object Storage: This section gives you access to the Linode’s S3 compatible Object Storage service.

  • NodeBalancers: Here you can create and manage load balancers for your applications making them highly available for your users.

  • Domains: The DNS Manager allows you to control and manage your domains.

  • Longview: This section gives you access to Linode’s Longview service where you can track metrics for CPU, memory, network bandwidth, and more.

  • Marketplace: This section gives you access to the Marketplace Application Marketplace where you can easily deploy and configure software for your Linodes.

  • Kubernetes: This section gives you access to Linode’s managed Kubernetes service, the Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE).

  • StackScripts: This section takes you to the area where you can manage your StackScripts.

  • Images: The Images section of Cloud Manager gives you access to the Linode Images service where you can take snapshots of your disks and deploy them to any Linode on your account.

Account Management

  • Management and Billing: Under the Account section of Cloud Manager you are able to manage your account billing information, users, and other account-wide settings.

  • Credits: Find credit remaining on your account in the Account section.

  • Invoices: In the Account section you can print an invoice.

  • Manage Email Notifications: Email event notifications alert you when new events such as booting, shutting down, or updates to a Linode occur on your account.

API Access

  • API Keys and Tokens: You can generate and manage your API Keys and Tokens from the Cloud Manager.

  • OAuth Apps: An overview of OAuth 2 support in Cloud Manager.


These additional guides help you with targeted topics like how to manage your account, Linodes, and networking through the Cloud Manager.

Manage Your Account

Manage Your Linodes


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