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Cloud Manager is a user and mobile-friendly interface to deploy and manage virtual machines, configure networking, control user accounts, and access and configure the full range of Linode services.

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API Tokens (personal access tokens) are used in token-based authentication to provide users or programming scripts with different levels of access to your Linode account’s resources and services via the Linode API v4. You can create and manage your API tokens using the Cloud Manager.

  1. To generate a new personal access token, navigate to your profile by clicking on your username and select API Tokens.

  2. Click Create a Personal Access Token. A panel appears that allows you to give this token a label and choose the access rights you want users authenticated with the new token to have.

    Cloud Manager Add a Personal Access Token Panel

  3. When you have finished, click Create Token to generate a new Personal Access Token. Copy the token and save it to a secure location before closing the popup. You will not be able to view this token through the Cloud Manager after closing the popup.

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