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Custom Images allow for rapid deployments of preconfigured disks to new or existing Linodes. They can be easily created by capturing a disk on an existing Linode or uploading an image file.


Images can be created and deployed across all regions.


Custom Images has transitioned to a paid service beginning September 1st, 2021. Custom Images now cost $0.10/GB per month. Keep in mind that Custom Images generated from an uploaded image file are billed based on the uncompressed size of that image.

Recovery Images, generated automatically after a Linode is deleted, are provided as a free courtesy service.


Rapid Deployment of Golden Images

Store disk images preconfigured with the software you need. These Custom Images can be used when deploying new Linodes and rebuilding existing Linodes, saving time by avoiding manual software installation and configuration.

Retain Disks of Existing Linodes

Store a disk image of an existing Linode, enabling you to restore that image if needed and delete the existing Linode while still saving your data.

Limits and Considerations


  • Image size limit: The maximum size for each Custom Image is 6 GB.
  • Account storage limit: The maximum combined size for all Custom Images on an account is 150 GB.
  • Account quantity limit: There can be up to 25 Custom Images per account.

Images Created from a Linode

  • Disk must be formatted using ext3/ext4 filesystems. Images cannot be created if you are using raw disks or disks that have been formatted using custom filesystems. CoreOS disk images are in RAW format. Images made from CoreOS disks can’t be used to deploy new Linodes.

  • Power off Linode to avoid database corruption. If your Linode is running any active databases, it’s recommended to power off the Linode down prior to creating the image. Creating an image that includes a running database can cause corruption or data loss in the imaged copy of the database.

  • Only the selected disk is saved to the Image. The Image is comprised only of the disk selected during the creation process. The Image does not store other aspects of the Linode, such as Configuration Profiles, Block Storage Volumes, IP Addresses, and other Linode-based settings.

Images Created from a File

  • Raw disk image: The image file must be a raw disk image (.img). Other file formats will not work.

  • Compressed using gzip: The image file must be compressed using gzip (.gz) before uploading it. Other compression algorithms are not compatible.

  • Maximum file size is 5GB: The maximum size for an image file is 5GB (compressed).

  • Maximum image size is 6GB: The maximum uncompressed size of each custom image is 6GB.

  • Pricing considerations: Custom Images are billed based on the uncompressed size of the uploaded image file.

  • For compatibility, use unpartitioned disks formatted with ext3 or ext4 file systems: Network Helper and other Linode Helpers are compatible with non-partitioned image files formatted using the ext3 or ext4 file systems. Partitioned disks and other file systems may be used, but some manual configuration may be required.

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