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Linode’s Images service allows users to store custom disk images in the Cloud. These images can be preconfigured with the exact software and settings required for your applications and workloads. Once created, they can be quickly deployed to new or existing Linode Compute Instances, saving users time from manually setting up their entire system after each deployment.

Create Golden Images

Easily create, store, and deploy golden images on your Linode account. A golden image is a term for an image preconfigured with the exact software, settings, and data files you desire for a particular application. Configure your software once and then create a Custom Image based on that environment. This Custom Image can then be rapidly deployed to any Compute Instance, saving you time from having to manually configure each system.

Retain Disks

Custom Images can also be used to quickly take a snapshot of a disk on an existing Compute Instance. This provides you with a copy of those disks should they need to be restored. For more comprehensive backups, including automated backups, consider using our Backup Service.

Recover Recently Deleted Compute Instances

Accidentally deleting a production server will almost certainly impact your users and business. Linode’s Custom Images service makes recovery easier by saving temporary Recovery Images on your account. These images can be used to quickly restore the disks from a recently deleted Compute Instance. Linode offers this service as a convenience and it’s important to note that a well rounded backup strategy typically involves multiple solutions (see Backing Up Your Data).

  • Web or software agencies deploying similar starter configurations for clients
  • Development workflows requiring the same base image for all developers or applications
  • Workflows requiring distributions other than those provided by Linode


Images can be created and deployed across all regions.


Custom Images cost $0.10/GB per month.

Recovery Images, which are generated automatically after a Compute Instance is deleted, are provided at no charge.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum image size: A Custom Image can be up to 6 GB* in size. When uploading a custom image, this is the maximum uncompressed size.

  • Account limits: Each account can store up to 25* Custom Images, offering 150 GB* of combined storage for all images on the account.

  • File system support: ext3 and ext4 file systems are supported. Raw disks or disks that have been formatted using other file systems are not supported.

  • Upload image format and size limits: The .img file format is supported when uploading an image file. This file should be compressed using gzip (.img.gz). It can be up to 5GB when compressed and, when uncompressed, up to the maximum image size as stated above.

* If you need to store larger images (or more images), contact Linode Support with additional details of your applications or intended workloads.

Additional Specifications

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