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Custom Images allow for rapid deployments of preconfigured disks to new or existing Linodes. They can be easily created by capturing a disk on an existing Linode or uploading an image file.

Pricing change: Starting on September 1, 2021, Custom Images has transitioned to a paid service with a cost of $0.10/GB per month for each Custom Image stored on an account. Recovery Images, generated automatically after a Linode is deleted, will continue to be provided at no cost. See Images > Pricing for additional details.

All Images stored on your Account are visible from the main Images page within the Cloud Manager. Images are divided between two tables: Custom Images and Recovery Images.

  • Custom Images: Images that are manually created by a user on the account. These Images were either captured from an existing Linode’s disk or uploaded from an image file. Custom Images do not expire and will remain on the account until they are manually deleted.

  • Recovery Images: Temporary Images that are automatically created when a Linode is deleted (provided the Linode has been active for at least 12 hours). Recovery Images have a defined expiration date and, once expired, will automatically be deleted. The expiration timeline is typically equal to the number of hours the Linode was active, up to 7 days.

Creating an Image

Within the Images page of the Cloud Manager, click Create Image.

  • To capture an Image from an existing Linode’s disk, complete the form under the Capture Image tab. See Capture an Image for full instructions.
  • To upload an Image using an image file, complete the form under the Upload Image tab. See Upload an Image for full instructions.

Deploying and Managing Existing Images

To take action on an Image, locate the Image within the Images page of the Cloud Manager and click the corresponding ellipsis options menu. From here, there are a few actions that can be initiated:

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