Guides - Deploy a Linode From a Saved Image

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Use Linode Images to take snapshots of your disk images, and deploy an identical copy to any Linode under your account. Linode Images are retained whether or not you have an active Linode on your account. Because of this, they are useful for long term storage of a private image template.

Deploying one of your saved images to any Linode under your account is a simple process.

  1. Navigate to the Images page, click on the more options ellipsis corresponding to the image you’d like to use, and select Deploy New Linode.

    You are brought to the Lionde Create page where your image is preselected.

    You cannot deploy an image that was created from a RAW disk format. Attempting to do so will result in a failure.
  2. Provide the remaining configurations for your new Linode instancy by selecting your desired Region, Linode Plan, Label, and set your Root Password, then click Create to create a Linode from your saved image.

    You are brought to your new Linode’s Details page where you can monitor its creation from your stored image.

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