Guides - Rebuild and Deploy an Image to an Existing Linode

Custom Images allow for rapid deployments of preconfigured disks to new or existing Linodes. They can be easily created by capturing a disk on an existing Linode or uploading an image file.

Pricing change: Starting on September 1, 2021, Custom Images has transitioned to a paid service with a cost of $0.10/GB per month for each Custom Image stored on an account. Recovery Images, generated automatically after a Linode is deleted, will continue to be provided at no cost. See Images > Pricing for additional details.
  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager and navigate to the Images page.

  2. On this page, locate the Image you wish to deploy and click the corresponding ellipsis options menu. Select Rebuild an Existing Linode.

    Rebuild an existing Linode with an Image

  3. You are redirected to the dashboard page for that Linode and the Rebuild form is displayed with the chosen Image preselected. Complete the remainder of this form, making sure to select your desired Root Password, and any other options that may be needed. See Rescue and Rebuild → Rebuilding for full instructions on rebuilding a Linode.

  4. Click the Rebuild Linode button to rebuild the Linode. All existing disks will be deleted and a new disk will be created using the selected Image.

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