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  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager and navigate to the Images page.

  2. On this page, locate the Image you wish to deploy and click the corresponding ellipsis options menu. Select Deploy to a New Linode.

  3. You are redirected to the Create Linode form with the chosen Image preselected. Complete the remainder of this form, making sure to select your desired Region, Linode Plan, Label, Root Password, and any other options that may be needed. See Creating a Compute Instance for full instructions on creating a Linode.

  4. Click the Create Linode button to create the Linode based on the selected Image.

If your new Compute Instance is not accessible through SSH or it does not respond to pings, check to see if Network Helper is enabled (see Network Helper: Auto-Configure Networking on Compute Instances). If it is disabled, the internal network configuration on your new instance is not automatically configured. In this case, you may need to either enable Network Helper and reboot or manually edit your network configuration files (see Manual Network Configuration on a Compute Instance).

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