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Longview is Linode’s system data graphing service. It tracks metrics for CPU, memory, and network bandwidth on both an aggregate and per-process basis. It also provides real-time graphs that can help expose performance problems.


The Longview client is open source and provides an agent that can be installed on any Linux distribution – including systems not hosted on the Linode platform.

Pro Plan

Longview is free for all customers for up to ten clients. You also have the option to purchase Longview Pro which includes additional analytics for an added cost. Longview’s free version updates every 5 minutes and provides 12 hours of data history. Longview Pro gives you data resolution at 60 second intervals, and you can view a complete history of your Linode’s data instead of only the previous 12 hours.


Longview can be installed on Compute Instances across all regions.


There are four different Longview Pro plan tiers you can choose from. Each plan varies in the amount of clients that can be monitored by Longview.

PlanNumber of ClientsPrice
Longview Free10Free
Longview Pro 3 Pack3$20/mo ($0.03/hr)
Longview Pro 10 Pack10$40/mo ($0.06/hr)
Longview Pro 40 Pack40$100/mo ($0.15/hr)
Longview Pro 100 Pack100$200/mo ($0.30/hr)

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with most Linux systems, even those not on the Linode platform. Official support for CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.
  • Data retention: Unlimited for Longview Pro, 12 hours for Longview Free.
  • Data resolution: 1 minute for Longview Pro, 5 minutes for Longview Free.

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