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Choose one of the popular Marketplace One-Click Apps, select configuration options, and click deploy. It’s that simple. Whether you’re setting up a new development environment or a Minecraft server for the kids, you can have your app up and running with a few clicks.

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Building Blocks

Review these introductory guides to Linode’s Marketplace Apps to get up and running with the service.

Marketplace Basics

  • Deploying an App: Quickly deploy an app from the Cloud Manager.

  • Access Your App: Access to your application depends on what you deployed, but the app’s IP address is likely required. Here’s how you find it.

  • Add a Domain Name: Add a domain name for your application.

See the guide Using Linode’s Marketplace Apps for more on getting started.


These additional guides help you to deploy each of Linode’s Marketplace one-click apps.

Control Panels

Websites and CMS

Application Frameworks


Game Servers


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