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Choose one of the popular Marketplace One-Click Apps, select configuration options, and click deploy. It’s that simple. Whether you’re setting up a new development environment or a Minecraft server for the kids, you can have your app up and running with a few clicks.

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Depending on the type of app you created, the app will be accessible in different ways. All the ways to access your app require the IP address of your Linode. Follow the instructions below to find your IP address.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager.

  2. Navigate to the Linodes page by clicking on the Linodes link in the sidebar.

  3. Find the Linode that you created. The IP address is a series of four numbers separated by periods. In the grid view of the Linodes page, your IP address will be located underneath the data center name for your Linode:

    Highlight of a Linode’s IP address in grid view

  4. In list view, your IP address will be under the IP Addresses column in the row that lists your Linode:

  5. Alternatively, you can find your IP address by navigating to the Networking tab of your Linode’s detail page. The address is displayed under the Address column in the IPv4 table:

  6. Copy your IP address. For apps like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Drupal, you can navigate to the IP address in your browser to visit your installation. For game servers, connect to the IP address in-game to play on your new server. Other apps like MERN, LAMP, and WireGuard® will require you to SSH into your Linode to access or provide more customized configurations.

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