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Linode API

Marketplace applications are deployed in the API via the StackScripts Endpoint Collection.

Linode CLI

The Linode CLI is a wrapper around the Linode API v4 that allows you to manage your Linode account and resources from the command line.

App Developers and Marketplace Contributors

List an application on Linode’s Marketplace to reach a new audience of developers, companies, and users. All approved Marketplace Apps are listed within our online library and in our Cloud Manager, making it easier for developers and businesses to find and deploy the tools they need.

Submit a Marketplace App:

  1. Register your Marketplace App by filling the Register Your App form. A Linode team member will contact you with next steps.
  2. Build a StackScript for your Marketplace App. This scripting tool forms the basis of all Marketplace Apps.
  3. Upload the StackScript to GitHub so our team can review the submission and schedule the Marketplace App for release.

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