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The UniFi Network Application is a versatile control panel developed by Ubiquiti. It simplifies network management across regions, customizes access to Wi-Fi networks, and more. Manage and apply updates to UniFi networking devices to ensure your networks are performant and secure.

When self-hosting the UniFi Network Application, you are responsible for the security of your server. Follow best practices for securing, updating, and backing up the software on your Compute Instance. See Setting Up and Securing a Compute Instance.

Deploying a Marketplace App

The Linode Marketplace allows you to easily deploy software on a Compute Instance using the Cloud Manager. See Get Started with Marketplace Apps for complete steps.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager and select the Marketplace link from the left navigation menu. This displays the Linode Create page with the Marketplace tab pre-selected.

  2. Under the Select App section, select the app you would like to deploy.

  3. Complete the form by following the steps and advice within the Creating a Compute Instance guide. Depending on the Marketplace App you selected, there may be additional configuration options available. See the Configuration Options section below for compatible distributions, recommended plans, and any additional configuration options available for this Marketplace App.

  4. Click the Create Linode button. Once the Compute Instance has been provisioned and has fully powered on, wait for the software installation to complete. If the instance is powered off or restarted before this time, the software installation will likely fail.

To verify that the app has been fully installed, see Get Started with Marketplace Apps > Verify Installation. Once installed, follow the instructions within the Getting Started After Deployment section to access the application and start using it.

Estimated deployment time: The UniFi Network Application should be fully installed within 5-10 minutes after the Compute Instance has finished provisioning.

Configuration Options

  • Supported distributions: Debian 10
  • Recommended plan: All plan types can be used.

Getting Started after Deployment

Accessing the UniFi Network Application

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to https://[domain], where [domain] can be replaced with your Compute Instance’s rDNS domain or, if you entered one, the domain you specified when you deployed the instance. See the Managing IP Addresses guide for information on viewing the rDNS value for your public IPv4 address. The URL is also visible when logging into the new Compute Instance for the first time, either through Lish or SSH.

    The installation is now complete, and you can access the
    UniFi Network Controller GUI from
    We recommend using the GUI to complete your configurations of the service
  2. Within the setup screen that appears, enter a name for the Network Application. This is primarily used for managing multiple networks.

  3. After the network has been named, create a username and password and click Next. This login will be used from the UniFi Network Application panel and

  4. Once you are logged in to the UniFi Network Application, you can create and manage your UniFi Network. For more information on using UniFi Network Application, see the official documentation.

Currently, Linode does not manage software and systems updates for Marketplace Apps. It is up to the user to perform routine maintenance on software deployed in this fashion.

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