Tools - Monitoring

Easily analyze performance graphs and keep track of your transfer usage right from the Linode Cloud Manager. Create custom alerts for when you near thresholds you set.


Linode Monitoring tools are available across all regions.


Performance Monitoring

See how your Linodes are performing now and historically over time. Know when to scale up or down for better application performance.

Custom Thresholds

Create custom usage threshold alerts so you know when you’re close to exceeding resources and know when it’s time to scale up your resources. See the Monitoring and Maintaining your Server guide for instruction on how to configure custom email alerts for CPU usage, Disk IO rate, and more.

Shutdown Watchdog

When enabled, our Shutdown Watchdog automatically reboots your Linode if it should ever power off unexpectedly. “Lassie,” as it’s also known, gets your Linode back online before you even know it’s off.


Linode’s Monitoring is provided for free to all customers.

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