Monitoring - Guides

Easily analyze performance graphs and keep track of your transfer usage right from the Linode Cloud Manager. Create custom alerts for when you near thresholds you set.

Building Blocks

These introductory guides help you get up and running with monitoring your Linode services.

  • Configure Shutdown Watchdog: “Lassie” the Shutdown Watchdog can monitor your Linodes and automatically restart them if they are shutdown unexpectedly.

  • Cloud Manager Graphs: Cloud Manager provides several basic graphs to give you a view into the performance of your Linodes.

  • Configure Email Alerts: In Cloud Manager, you can configure several server alerts to automatically email you when certain thresholds are met.

  • Use Third-Party Tools: For a more detailed view of your systems, you can use third-party tools.

For more basics, see the full guide on Monitoring and Maintaining Your Server.


These additional guides help you with targeted topics like how to use command line and graphical tools to monitor your servers and applications.

Command Line Tools

Graphical Tools

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