Linode Platform

Tags and Groups

How to create tags to organize your Linode services.

Reset the Root Password on your Linode

Change the root user password for the Linux environment running on your Linode.

Resize a Linode Disk

Increase or decrease the size of your Linode disk.

Proxy Burp Suite Traffic Through a Linode

A quick answer on how to proxy Burp Suite traffic through a Linode.

Add CAA Records in the Linode Manager

This quick answer shows how to create CAA records for domains and subdomains.

Find Your Linode's IP Address

This quick answer guide shows how to find the IP address of your Linode either through the Linode Manager or while in an SSH session.

Deploy an Image to a Linode

Select and deploy the Linux distribution of your choice.

Enable Backups on a Linode

Enable the Linode Backup Service for quick and easy backups.