Reset the Root Password on your Linode

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This Quick Answer will show you how to reset the root password for the Linux distribution running on your Linode. See our Accounts and Passwords guide for additional information.

  1. Click the Linodes link in the sidebar.

  2. Select a Linode to navigate to its detail page.

  3. If the Linode’s Status menu displays Offline, proceed to step 6.

  4. If the Linode’s Status menu displays Running, click on the Status menu.

  5. Then, select the Power Off option from the exposed dropdown menu. A progress bar will appear that you can use to monitor the status of this operation.

    Power off a Linode

  6. When the Linode is offline, navigate to the Linode’s Settings tab.

  7. Under Settings, click on Reset Root Password to expand that panel.

  8. Select your primary disk from the Disk dropdown menu.

  9. Enter a new password for the root user in the Password field.

  10. Click Save

  11. Return to the Linode’s Summary tab.

  12. Click on the Status menu, then select the Power On option from the exposed dropdown menu to power on your Linode.

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